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Welcome to The Ethiopian Food

Welcome to The Ethiopian Food – an online platform dedicated to promoting Ethiopian Food, and Ethiopian Restaurants from around the world.

We, at The Ethiopian Food, have been working hard since 2020 to create a comprehensive directory of Ethiopian Restaurants located across the world. The Ethiopian Food is an easy-to-use, one-stop online platform to find Ethiopian Restaurants, and learn about their establishment, and the types of food they serve.

Moreover, the platform helps fans of Ethiopian cuisine from around the world to learn more about Ethiopian Food through a comprehensive collection of Recipes as well as Blog posts with Tips & Guides that are packed full of information.

The Ethiopian Food aims at creating a smart and affordable platform that is free and accessible to everyone, wherever they are located in the world!

– The Ethiopian Food Team


In this digital age, with so much information found online, finding a place to Dine-In or Order your Meals can be time-consuming, and even frustrating at times. The Ethiopian Food provides you with all of the information and inspiration you need to find unique dishes from Ethiopian Restaurants, as well as informs you about Ethiopian Foods, Recipes, and fun Articles that could inspire you to cook an Ethiopian dish by yourself right from the comfort of your home.

Our Mission

Ethiopia has a unique food culture with a diverse set of dishes that are popular both among vegetarians and vegans, as well as meat lovers. However, even though Ethiopian Restaurants are common in many countries, there is limited knowledge about Ethiopian food. And there are also limited platforms dedicated to promoting these unique Ethiopian dishes that can be found in any Ethiopian Restaurant.

That is why we, at The Ethiopian Food, have been working hard since 2020 to create a comprehensive directory of reputable Ethiopian Restaurants located across the world that strives to provide their customers with wonderful dining experiences. We are particularly passionate about helping amazing small Ethiopian Restaurant owners promote their establishments

Moreover, we believe that celebrating diversity starts by eating together and sharing our food. Therefore, we are cultivating a community of Ethiopian food lovers, cooks, restaurateurs, and anyone interested in exploring new dining experiences and willing to actively participate and share their experiences, knowledge, recipes, etc.

All-in-all, we are committed to making The Ethiopian Food – an easy-to-use, one-stop online destination to find Ethiopian Restaurants, learn about their establishment, the types of food they serve, and even their menus, as well as a platform for learning about Ethiopian Foods, Find Recipes to some of the most popular Ethiopian dishes, get access to “how-to” guide, etc.

Meet The Team

We have a small team behind The Ethiopian Food website that work tirelessly to bring you authentic Ethiopian food recipes, and guides aimed at helping you easily navigate the unique menus at your local Ethiopian restaurant, and generally get a better and deeper understanding of Ethiopian food.

sara seife 1

Sara Seife

Chief Editor

Sara is a blogger, nutritionist, and recipe engineer who loves to create and share Ethiopian food recipes and guides. She is the Chief Editor of The Ethiopian Food, an online platform that aims to help people all over the world learn about and enjoy Ethiopian cuisine. Sara is passionate about sharing her love of Ethiopian food and culture with others, and she hopes that her recipes and guides will help people to create delicious and authentic Ethiopian meals at home.

helina wolde medhin

Helina Wolde-Medhin


Helina is an Ethiopian-American travel writer that loves to explore new cultures and cuisines. She and her husband have traveled to over 50 countries together. She is passionate about Ethiopian food and Ethiopian restaurants as they have been instrumental in reconnecting with her heritage and building a connection with the Ethiopian diaspora community around the world. Helina is now on a mission to shine a light on Ethiopian restaurants around the world.