11 Best Ethiopian Restaurants in Djibouti

Here are some of the best Ethiopian Restaurants in Djibouti where you can enjoy authentic Ethiopian food.

Restaurant Abyssinia

J45W+QM4, Ave General Galleni, Djibouti


Kokeb Star Restaurant

BP 2048, Rue de Marseille, Djibouti


Habesha Restaurant

H563+2J3, Djibouti

Restaurant Bafena

RN2, Djibouti


Restaurant La Terrasse

H4VW+488, Rue d’Ethiopie, Djibouti


Mesob Restaurant

J45W+FMQ, Ave General Galleni, Djibouti

Smart Ethiopian Culture

RHGR+342, Djibouti


Ethiopian Traditional Coffee and Restaurant

J552+M2P, Ave F d Esperey, Djibouti

Restaurant La Fontaine

H46V+P36 Ambouli, Djibouti


Ethiopian Community Center

J42X+88F, Djibouti


Timeout Restaurant and Sport Bar

H4VW+XGX, Djibouti


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