36 Best Ethiopian Restaurants in Seattle, Washington, USA

Seattle is a city renowned for its vibrant diversity, especially when it comes to the food scene. One of the many delicious cuisines that Seattle has to offer is Ethiopian food. Ethiopian restaurants in Seattle offer many authentic and mouthwatering Ethiopian dishes as well as an excellent experience for anyone looking to explore this unique cuisine.

From traditional dishes to modern twists, these restaurants bring a unique flavor of Ethiopia to Seattle. Here are some of the best Ethiopian Restaurants in Seattle where you can enjoy authentic Ethiopian food.

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Helina Wolde-Medhin
Helina Wolde-Medhin

Helina is an Ethiopian-American travel writer that loves to explore new cultures and cuisines. She and her husband have traveled to over 50 countries together. She is passionate about Ethiopian food and Ethiopian restaurants as they have been instrumental in reconnecting with her heritage and building a connection with the Ethiopian diaspora community around the world. Helina is now on a mission to shine a light on Ethiopian restaurants around the world.

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