3 Common Ethiopian Side-Dishes

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Ethiopian Side-Dishes #1: Ayibe

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Ayibe is a type of cottage cheese, which is just a curdled milk product that is not aged. It is made by draining cheese instead of pressing it and retaining the extracted whey. The curds are kept loose and crumbly. By itself, Ayibe does not have a distinct taste, so it’s customarily served along with some very spicy Ethiopian dishes such as Doro Wot.

Ethiopian Side-Dishes #2: Gomen Kitfo

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Gomen Kitfo is a variation of the popular Ethiopian dish known as Gomen. It is another common dish that hails from the southern parts of Ethiopia. It is made by boiling, drying, then mincing collard greens. Gomen Kitfo is quite popular during Meskel (the discovery of the True Cross) and it’s usually served alongside Kitfo and Ayibe.

Ethiopian Side-Dishes #3: Gomen Besiga

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Gomen Besiga is another variation of Gomen. It is made with collard greens and lamb or beef meat cooked with a generous amount of nitter kibbeh (Ethiopian clarified butter), and a few other vegetables such as onions and carrots.

You can find the recipe for Gomen Besiga here.

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