9 Ultimate Ethiopian Breakfasts

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Just like in any other culture or country, breakfasts are the most important meal of the day. This is clearly evident in the case of Ethiopia, as there are such a wide variety of dishes that one can choose from. Whether you are looking for a heavy-meal rich in protein, or someone with a sweet tooth looking for something sweet, or maybe something healthy, light, and easy to digest, there is a suitable breakfast dish for anyone and everyone. In this article, you will find 9 Ethiopian breakfast dishes to enjoy at an Ethiopian Restaurant near you, or maybe even in the comfort of your home if you decide to make them for yourself.

Ethiopian Breakfasts #1: Chechebsa

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Chechebsa often referred to as Kita Firfir, is one of Ethiopia’s most popular and widely consumed breakfast foods. It is prepared from shredded pieces of Kita, which is comparable to pita bread in India and is marinated in berbere. It is frequently served with a bowl of plain yogurt and a side of honey in more traditional homes.

You can find the recipe for Chechebsa here.

Ethiopian Breakfasts #2: Kinche

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Kinche, which is similar to oatmeal in Ethiopia, is very popular breakfast food. It is amazingly quick and easy to make, while also cheap and healthy. It is produced from barley, Ethiopian oats, broken wheat, or a combination of them. You can boil it in either water or milk. The Niter Kibbeh, an Ethiopian clarified butter, gives the Kinche its delightful flavor.

You can find the recipe to make Kinche here.

Ethiopian Breakfasts #3: Firfir

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Firfir, sometimes called Fitfit, is a popular breakfast dish made from shredded pieces of injera. It is traditionally served for breakfast but is also frequently eaten for lunch and dinner. Firfir can be prepared in a variety of ways and with a variety of ingredients, but its essential components are the ubiquitous combinations of berbere, onions, oil or niter kibbeh, and pieces of injera that have been cooked together. To improve the overall flavor of the dish, some amount of meat and hard-boiled eggs are occasionally added to the mix.

You can find the recipe to make Firfir here.

Ethiopian Breakfasts #4: Enkulal Firfir

Enkulal Tibs

Even though Ethiopia’s Enkulal Firfir is essentially simply scrambled eggs, which might not sound all that fascinating, it is a dish you should not miss out on trying at breakfast. It is cooked with niter kibbeh, and then further enhanced with a mixture of green and red peppers, chiles, tomatoes, and onions. All of this is then scooped up with fresh, delicious bread rolls that are frequently still warm from the bakery.

Enkulal Firfir stands out for its extraordinarily bright yellow color, which results in a taste that is far superior to what pale egg yolks produce in the west. It is called Enkulal Tibs for the omelet variation. Be warned though, after tasting Enkulal Firfir, your appreciation of scrambled eggs at home will never be the same again.

Ethiopian Breakfasts #5: Dabo Firfir

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Dabo Firfir is a dish made from torn pieces of unleavened bread mixed with niter kibbeh and berbere and frequently served with yogurt. It is a fantastic illustration of how Ethiopian cuisine can take something straightforward and make it into something much more. Dabo Firfir may not seem like much, but it is unexpectedly wonderful.

Ethiopian Breakfasts #6: Dulet

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Dulet, an Ethiopian breakfast dish, is created by frying lean beef, liver, and minced tripe (the lining of an animal’s stomach) in niter kibbeh along with onions, chile, cardamom, and pepper. Dulet is particularly well-liked in Ethiopia since it tastes excellent and fills you up before a long day of work.

Ethiopian Breakfasts #7: Fatira

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Popular throughout the Horn of Africa, Fatira is a breakfast dish that typically consists of a thin pastry top and bottom with scrambled eggs and honey wedged in the center. This ideal balance of salty and sweet is typically served at a size that may happily feed two people.

The dish is also available as street cuisine in cities like Ethiopia’s alluring eastern city of Harar, where it is prepared in the open on a sizable frying pan in little square pieces.

There aren’t many better ways to begin a day than with Fatira for breakfast along with a cup of hot Ethiopian coffee.

Ethiopian Breakfasts #8: Fuul

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Ethiopian Fuul, a mixture of stewed and spiced fava beans served with vegetable oil, cumin, and optionally with chopped parsley, onion, garlic, and lemon juice, is a dish that is popular throughout East Africa and the Middle East. Many Ethiopians eat this healthy and nutritious dish for breakfast, which can be made very quickly, mostly in under 10 minutes.

Ethiopian Breakfasts #9: Buticha

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For those who care about their health, the Ethiopian Buticha, a type of chickpea porridge, is a must-try breakfast dish with a consistency comparable to couscous.

Buticha has a nice flavor and is quite easy to prepare, making it highly recommended for people who are busy and in a rush.

You can find the recipe to make Buticha here.

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