3 Most Beloved Ethiopian Snacks

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While there are no sweet and sugary snacks born out of Ethiopia, there are several crunchy Ethiopian snacks that people like to enjoy while they are socializing, or drinking their coffee or beer.

Ethiopian Snack #1: Kolo

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In its most basic form, Kolo is simply roasted and spiced barley. But there are several variations of Kolo that include chickpeas, safflower kernels, and peanuts. While you can buy Kolo from any kiosk, grocery, or supermarket, it is also quite simple to make for yourself.

Here is a recipe on how to make Kolo.

Kolo is the go-to snack for most Ethiopians be it children, adults, or the elderly. It is also a favorite beer snack.

Ethiopian Snack #2: Dabo Kolo

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A typical Ethiopian snack, Dabo Kolo, is not actually bread as its name may imply, but it is made from the same dough that makes Dabo. It is made by making the dough just as you would to make a bread, then rolling the dough into thin long strands and cutting them into small fingernail-sized pieces that can be baked over a Mitad, or fried in oil, thus the name Dabo Kolo.

There are different variations of Dabo Kolo where you can make them spicy by adding berbere to the dough before cutting them into small pieces, or you can make the pieces larger and thicker – which will give you a variation of Dabo Kolo known as Kaka (Somali biscuit).

You can find the recipe to make Dabo Kollo here.

Ethiopian Snack #3: Fendisha

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Fendisha (popcorn) is one of the most common Ethiopian snacks that is commonly enjoyed during Buna-time. While popcorn is not unique to Ethiopia, the way it has fused itself into the Ethiopian culture is certainly unique in its own right. Fendisha indeed has a very unique place in the hearts of Ethiopians as it is one of the most important snacks customarily served to guests during celebrations and special occasions, and it plays an important role in the beloved Ethiopian coffee ceremony, where it is served to guests while they wait for the coffees.

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