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2 Popular Ethiopian Comfort Foods

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Like all comfort foods, Ethiopian comfort foods are food types that are characterized by their high carbohydrate level, and high caloric contents, coupled with how easy they are to prepare. Moreover, they are also known to provide a nostalgic or sentimental value to a specific individual or culture.

Ethiopian Comfort Foods #1: Genfo

Genfo II
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Genfo is a simple Ethiopian porridge that is commonly consumed for breakfast, made from wheat, maize, or barley flour. Genfo is traditionally consumed along with a spicy mix made from berbere & niter kibbeh. But, it can also be served along with yogurt.

You can find the recipe for Genfo here.

Ethiopian Comfort Foods #2: Kikil

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Kikil is a mild stew that mainly constitutes of lamb meat and potatoes that are slowly cooked to extract all of the flavors from the bones of the lamb meats. Kikil is a great alternative to soups that are usually consumed whenever someone is feeling a bit unwell.

You can find the recipe for Kikil here.

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